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Welcome to the International Aviation Warranty Association.


The IAWA successfully held it's latest conference in Doha, Qatar, the whole event was hosted by Qatar Airways and was a huge success. All the details of presentations, contacts etc, can all be found in the members area on the forum site.


It gives me great pleasure to announce that the 2015 Annual Conference will be held in Doaha, Qatar and is being hosted by Qatar Airways, all details for the event can be found in the members forum arena. 

JUNE 2015

The web site is currently undergoing some cosmetic changes and whilst not complete I hope to have the system up and running during this time of change. 


Unfortunately, the IAWA forum has been corrupted and despite a lot of investigation being done by our chairman to try and resolve the issue some of the hierarchical Boeing data feeds have been lost, which is unfortunate but not too damaging as per our new Strategic Palnning structure (more details can be found on the forum).


There have been a few changes made to this web site and also the forum over the last few days which have been done to protect our members and strengthen the integrity of our data making it more secure.

The web site will no longer give any details of our members directly and will be a read only highlight to our more secure forum where our members can find members details, postings and conference/symposium information.

The forum has had its own little make over with a new style being implimented allowing for what I believe to be easier on the eyes.

We have a couple of Warranty conferences being held this year with the IAWA's own conference being held in London on the 7th/8th May and Boeing are also holding their first conference in Istanbul, Turkey since 2006 on 24th February for 3 days.

If you have any problems or wish to make any comment then please either complete the registration form or send me a Private Message via the forum.

Thanks, Owen Davies (IAWA Forum Administrator)

November 2012 update,

We would like to welcome Air China back to our little community.

August 2012 update,

Our chairman has sent out his first newsletter detailing to our members all the progress IAWA has acheived in the various projects and steering groups that many of you are associated with. Many of you will have received this in an e-mail format but it has now been loaded as a pdf document in our meetings folder on this web site. Just remember that you need to use a password to view any of the documents listed.

If you do not know the password then you will have to contact the web administrator via the forum.

May 2012 update,

This month we welcome a new airline to the group, Pegasus who are based in Turkey, Europe. I hope that they can benefit from all of the data found in our members area.

March 2012 update,

This year we must choose a new chairman to head the group as the 3 years time period is coming to a close. The committee has had a volunteer from their midst and Hisham Salah of Emirates will be the new Chairman.The current chairman Owen Davies has decided that as there will NOT be a dedicated IAWA conference this year he will stand down early with immediate effect giving Hisham the lead. It is hoped that for any members going to the Airbus Conference in Bangkok later on this year, that a mini meeting will be put in place.

January 2012 update,

A few of the committee members me up at Virgin Atlantics HQ in Gatwick, UK to discuss current issues, developments etc.. The minutes can be found on the meetings page.

July 2011 update,

For those of you members who contributed to the picture request from Liz at Air New Zealand, your profiles are now proudly displayed against your airline tag on the members page.

June 2011 Update,

The IAWA was welcomed by our friends at the ALTA CCMA in May, Thomas and I were very impressed with the organisation that went into producing such an event and the location was absolutely spectacular, hot and very humid (well at least for us westerners). The presentation we gave is available in the private meetings area if you want to view.

May 2011 Update,

The IAWA is now available to tweet, so search for IAWA3 via your twitter account and tweet away.

April 2011

The IAWA has been invited to be guest speaker at the CCMA Latin America & Bahamas Airline and Supplier Conference in Nassau, Bahamas in order to try and raise awareness of it's principles to the Latin America arena.

March 2011

IAWA Conference took place in the Novotel Hotel @ Heathrow Airport where over 40 members attended the two days to discuss manufacturer issues and how to improve our own processes.


The IAWA consists of invited members from across the world's airlines and aircraft maintenance providers responsible for warranty activities within their respected employer. Each member will be expected to contribute towards a common objective to improve the warranty claims process across the airline industry and identify opportunities for warranty recoveries to which the airlines are reasonably entitled.

  The IAWA does not constitute a legal entity or be deemed to constitute a partnership between the parties or constitute any party an agent of the other for any purpose whatsoever. No party shall have authority or power to bind the other or to contract in the name of or create a liability of the other..


Please feel free to browse the web site.